About Us

Rewind back to 2009, to a small apartment in Houston where a girl with a sewing hobby had an epiphany: why couldn't brides in the Islamic faith have the freedom to dress as they wished for their weddings, all the while maintaining their modesty by wearing the hijab on their wedding day? I soon discovered that this art form existed in the Eastern hemisphere, but I was hard-pressed to find any alternatives in the United States.

I distinctly remember going through bridal magazines and tearing out images with dresses that had delicate embroidery and pleated tulle. I thought to myself, how would this look on someone who was wearing hijab?

After seeing the work I did for my supportive friends and family, word spread throughout the Houston community, and more women started contacting me to find out how they could look "just like that" for their weddings.I realized that I had tapped into something:

My clients wanted to look beautiful for their big day, without having to sacrifice their values and modesty.

The hijab, translated as "veil" in English, is not just a scarf or pashmina that a woman wears to cover her hair, but is also a symbol of modesty in the Islamic faith. My vision was to provide a multitude of options and styles for this woman on one of the most important days of her life.

And so, Hijab Couture was born.



"I've been offered the unique circumstance and responsibility of being able to fulfill a need to brides who otherwise never knew they had an alternative. I'm happy, honored, and humbled to be the one who can help them look like queens, as they most rightfully deserve."- Affaf, Founder of Hijab Couture